Mathers, the man who would change the world.

Poorly lit, drafty and as flimsy as a bail of hay in an elephant cage, an insult to structure, the Frederick St. bus stop barely sheltered itself. Designed and built by the very neanderthal that would never have a need to perch under such a contraption, still, it contributed to the overall industrial aesthetic the quaint neighborhood was looking for. And for Mathers, while soaking daily under it’s intermittent illuminated fury, many an idea had come. You know it wasn’t your usual think tank but as far as ideas were concerned, beggars couldn’t be choosers. One could never predict when such an idea would begin it’s decent from the great tube in the sky through the tumultuous atmosphere and into the back of Mather’s finite and sometimes anonymous brain. You see, Mathers was an ideas man.

To be continued…

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