Names for shapes that don’t exist — Noah’s Arkweld

Noah's ArkweldSpent some time at The Lacquer Channel this week in Toronto with Noah Mintz while he mastered a tune I wrote for The Australia Project [soon to be released]. It was a privilege to have Noah work on the tune and it’s now sounding great. During the session, Noah handed me a record he made titled ‘Names for Shapes that Don’t Exist’ released under the name Noah’s Arkweld. On the way back to my apartment I cranked the tunes in the car and while making a right turn onto Queen Street, I thought to myself, this is a really cool record. The neat collection of tunes and collaborations has indeed added warmth to this cold and overcast Saturday morning. So if you get a chance, check it out. It’s different and the same all at the once, I think you’ll dig it.


Songs of Noah Mintz. One mic. Direct to 1/4″ tape. Mono. 

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